About me

I’m currently a Ph.D. candidate at NUS School of Computing, under Prof Gim hee Lee. I received my B.E. degree from Wuhan University in 2019. I received an MEng degree from Nanyang Technology University in 2021 with a GPA of 5.0/5.0. During my master’s study, I was supervised by Prof Jiang Xudong and Dr Qian Zheng. I interned at Bytedance AI Lab, Singapore in 2021.

Currently, my research interests are mainly in 3D computer vision, especially in 3D Human Digitization, including Reconstruction (Implicit functions like Neural Radiance Fields), Animation (Skining weights estimation and pose transferring), and Generation (Diffusion-based human generation). I am looking for academic discussions and collaborations.


[2022] CS5340 Uncertainty Modelling in AI, National University of Singapore
[2022] CS5477 3D Computer Vision, National University of Singapore